Why the MaxFlow Cross-Grip hairband?

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I often am asked how I came up with the idea for the MaxFlow Cross-Grip hairband.  In coaching high school lacrosse, my players were ALWAYS complaining that their headbands slip when they get sweaty, and also stretch out over time and don't fit after a while.  In doing market research, it became apparent that no one made a really good, functional hairband.  The hairbands that were out there were either basically a throw away kind or a 2 inch wide floral print...nothing for the serious athlete. 

 Filling that obvious need became such a quest for me that I quit my job of 22 years and spent lots of time and money developing a hairband that REALLY DOES not stretch out and REALLY DOES stay in place.  And the result was the MaxFlow hairband. The keys are our "Cross-Grip" technology which keeps it in place, and our special rubber compound we use to make the inside band, which gives it "return elasticity".  If you take a look under "Testimonials" and "Press Room", you can see the reviews of our hairband all the way from professional athletes to weekend warriors. 

Do you want in?