Trying to get stuff made in the U.S.

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From the beginning of MaxFlowSports, I have tried(and tried and tried) to find U.S. manufacturers who could make my Cross-Grip sports hairband and my Stay-Grip socks.  I wanted to be able to put "Made in USA" on our packaging,etc., because I am as patriotic as they come.  Unfortunately, during this process I found out why some U.S. manufacturers are getting run over by China. 
For my sports headband, I really could not find a company that could make it , particularly because the weld was so hard for U.S. companies to perfect.  I also frustratingly had alot of unreturned phone calls. After a while, I had to move on. 
For the athletic crew socks, I finally found a couple of U.S. companies to make them but they could not compete with the thread count and quality I found in China.  Maybe more importantly, they were around 5 times more expensive than China...and that is a HUGE difference in cost.
So, I don't know how the U.S. turns it around in manufacturing.  For starters, we have to deal with quality issues, and cost issues that seem to be the direct result of extremely high labor costs.  Whatever the reasons, I am sad to not be able to put the good ole "Made in USA" tag on our products...yet. 
I'm going to keep trying though....