The origin of the name "MaxFlowSports"

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Lot's of folks ask me where I came up with our company's name MaxFlowSports.  There are companies that spend months trying to come up with the perfect name, and actually there are lots of consultants that you can pay big bucks  for them to help you come up with your company name and branding. But for our name, I thought of it literally within the first 5 seconds of the whole idea of this company.  I guess it was meant to be.

Here is what our name means:

Max- this is the name of my son, and it was with he that I had the very first conversation about the idea of a sports headband that really works. So, I am proud that my company's namesake is my only son.

Flow- this is what people, particularly boys, call their hair. Since our first product was our sports hairband, I thought I'd use the name "flow" for the hair reference.  Plus, flow is just a cool sounding word.

Sports- needed to include this so people would know what world we live in.

So, that is the pretty simple story of our name. And, I didn't have to pay a consultant anything!

Until next time,

Steve Hines, CEO