I think the bands are the best they have ever been and I can't think of any improvements. Right now I'm not with my team since we haven't started training yet, but once I do, I'll make sure some of them try it out. Congrats on a great product!
Women's Olympic, World Cup, and Professional Soccer Player

I just started wearing the Maxflow headband in my workouts. I simply love this headband. The rubber on the inside of the headband makes it stay in place even when I go upside down for handstand push ups. It is perfect for keeping my hair out of my face and not having to worry about adjusting it mid-workout. The quality of the headband is good too. You just pick it up and you know it is going to last awhile.
Stacey Kroon
CrossFit Games Competitor

As a goalkeeper, I can't afford to have my hair in my face during training and games. By using MaxFlow hairbands I am able to concentrate on keeping the ball out of the net as opposed to keeping my hair out of my face. It stays put whether I am diving through the air or running sprints. MaxFlowSports hairbands will keep your hair pulled back so you can perform your best, and look good doing it!
Justine Bernier
Canadian Professional Soccer Player

All is well. Love both the hairband and the crew socks. Got some athletes to wear the bands and they like them a lot. So nothing but good news.
Jordan Erwin
Football and Rugby Player; CrossFit Trainer

Wore the band ALL day Saturday @ a competition...running, rowing, lifting, tug-o-war...it did GREAT!! Loved it!
Jessica Parks
Gymnast; CrossFit Competitor and Trainer