Take the blame for once

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I am a positive person, but sometimes I get so sick of today's society I can't stand it.  One big reason is...NOBODY WANTS TO TAKE THE BLAME FOR ANYTHING, EVEN WHEN IT'S THEIR FAULT!  It's always someone else's fault, the environment's fault, your upbringing's fault, rich people's fault, big business' fault, etc. It all feeds into the rapidly increasing "self is all important" society, a society built on narcissism, one where everyone has to be "PC"(politically correct) which basically means you either agree with the more remote parts of society or you keep your opinion to yourself.

Perfect case in point of no one wants to take the blame (and society and the media really sets that up)-the Kansas City Chiefs player who recently killed his girlfriend(and mother of his 3 month old child), and then killed himself.  Immediately, all the media could talk about was "was it caused by blows to the head from football, and basically the NFL is to blame; was it because our gun control laws are too lax; was it because he had a disadvantaged upbringing"?   How about it was because he was a really bad guy with a number of previous battery investigations that lost his temper and freaked out and as a result committed the ultimate bad act?  I mean, come on people.  Quit making dang excuses every time someone does something bad.  There have been bad people and evil in this world since the Garden, and it will be that way until the end of the world.  And in the meantime, if we screw up, then let's just say we screwed up. That takes a much bigger man or woman.

Steve Hines