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Our goal at MaxFlowSports is to not only provide you with the best technical athletic apparel and accessories possible, but also to make all of our gear look really cool.  Performance is most important, but in the meantime if our sports headbands and athletic crew socks look really cool, then that is an added bonus.  Plus, people today are almost more concerned with the look than they are with the performance, which is crazy to me but happens to be the reality.

So, we are rolling out a new neon green Cross-Grip hairband, and also a houndstooth pattern one.  If you've been in any sporting goods store lately, you know how hot the neon colors are.  And houndstooth is not just a Bama is probably the most popular print pattern in the entire U.S., or at least one of them.  These new Cross-Grip sports headbands will be available sometime in December 2012, and we are very excited about the new options.  Plus, we actually have a few more color combos on the drawing board for spring. 

For our Stay-Grip athletic crew socks, we are working hard to be able to customize them for specific teams.  There already are probably 10 college men's teams playing in them, and the reviews have been positively off the charts.  But, folks sometime like their own logo on the socks, so that should be an available option very soon.

As always, we want to be the best at what we do, and we really listen to you, the consumer, to help determine our direction. Contact us anytime at for comments and suggestions.

Steve Hines