The University of Arizona men's lacrosse team sports MaxFlowSports Stay-Grip socks.

(photos Chris Hook)

Stay-Grip Athletic Crew Socks

Funny how you don't notice your feet until they're uncomfortable. Funny how uncomfortable feet take your mind off of winning.

The MaxFlowSports Stay-Grip™ crew sock keeps your mind focused on winning...and off of your feet. With the innovative zone cushioning, your feet can take stress longer. With the Stay-Grip™ technology, the socks stay firmly in place. And with the unique stripe design on the back, the MaxFlowSports socks just look cool.

We are so confident in this product that if you are not fully satisfied, you can return them with no questions asked, GUARANTEED!

Don't let your feet get in the way of winning. Get MaxFlowSports Crews.

$15.00 for TWO pair.

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Price: $ 15.00

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