Put in the rabbit and then turn to "boil".

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With the world series starting, I started thinking about why I used to watch hundreds of baseball games per year and now watch none.  When the players struck in the 90's, I was so appalled that I completely boycotted baseball for a year and since then, I've never come back.  That was really the first time I remember an all-out boycott in major league sports.  That got me to thinking about the first song I heard in an ad(Like a Rock, by Bob Seger) and how much absolute grief he took for "selling out". In both cases, the party's principles were seemingly perverted by money, and everyone was shocked and saddened.

Fast forward to now.  It seems that every major sports league boycott every few years or so, and it is a musical artist's dream to have a song in a commercial.  Wonder what changed?  I think it's the proverbial "put a rabbit in a pot of water and then turn it on boil, and he'll never even realize the change until he's cooked".  Things which used to be important such as "artistic integrity" or "for the love of the game" have over time taken a back seat to the Benjamin.  Not saying that's all bad, but it makes you wonder....


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