Paula Tooths

Paula Tooths is an experienced journalist and producer in the U.K. She studied law at university and has a BA in Information Technology. Paula has a passion for beauty, fitness and diet in particular caused her return to studying advanced nutrition, herbalism, iridology, aromatherapy and cosmetology, shiatsu and ayurvedic medicine.

Paula holds a higher international diploma in naturopathy as well as psychotherapy (Int, in Hypnotherapy and past life therapy), acupuncture and homeopathy. Lately, she has completed her training in coaching. Diet and fitness are her main passion but it is the combination of specialism?s that complete her work.

She is a certified practitioner in England: a published author, speaker, Yogi and Master in guided meditation, In March 2014, Paula will be launching a new diet group in partnership with, called ?Happy New You?, where she will be including herself as a dieter to prove that the techniques and supplements really do work as recommended.