Our Blog's New Birth

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  Hey!  It's Saturday morning and we just got thru watching Game Day at USC.  Turkey sausage biscuits and several cups of coffee later, I'm blogging for the first time on our MaxFlowSports website.  My name is Leigh Ann Hines and I am the shipping coordinator at MaxFlowSports.  Many people might find the work I do menial and boring, but I love it.  I get some odd jolly off  finding the perfect box, packing up the hairbands with great care and making sure each one is perfect, and then hauling them to the post office (It took a while but I now have postal friends!).  I envision the band ending up on someone's head that may be a crossfit junkie ( a good thing) or a marathon runner.  I love thinking some kid might be wearing it at their volleyball game and they are just figuring out they might be able to do this well enough to get a college scholarship.  On two different occasions recently, Steve and I (Oh, did I mention that I'm Steve's wife? Steve created this business.) were watching tv and there on our screen were two different athletes wearing our hairband.  Of course I jump up screaming, 'FREEZE IT, BACK UP, THAT'S OUR BAND!!! and we both sat in awe that two athletes were wearing the hairband as they talked with the news (one local, one ESPN for Pete's sake!) All the hard work...the crazy brain storming, the nutty inventory inspections and delivery date panics, the venturing into the unknown with not only our brain cells but our wallets, etc.) was now shining on the tv screen like a beacon on a hill.  It was happening.  We were making lives easier or improved for people in this busy world.  It was such a wonderful, peaceful feeling of all the anticipation of whether people would give our band a try and see that it truly does work like no other.  I rehash all of this to tell you why I'm now blogging for MFS.  I am a middle aged wife, mom, daughter, sister, neighbor, friend, shopper, baker, candle stick maker (jk) and I really have enjoyed the journey I've been on all these years.  Firstly from a spiritual standpoint, but also from a practical place.  My hope is to share with you all the tips, ideas, and solutions I've come across thru the years and they too, just like our hairbands, will help you in your walk.  I'll try not to bore you with my political opinions, or to push on you an agenda you didn't bargain for when you chose to read the blog.  I commit to sifting thru the garbage out there in "outside space" (an old "Rugrats" cartoon term) and hand you info that will be an asset to your day.  I look forward to spending these moments each week with you all on my mind.

I came across this link on Facebook (sorry if I just lost a few of you) and it blew my mind.  I figured at the crusty old age of 47 that I'd seen most every trick and clever idea in some form or another.  WRONG!  The link at the end of today's blog is worth looking thru - all 50 if you have the time.  Enjoy and look forward to being a part of your week!