New hairband colors to arrive!

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Figuring out what colors to do our Cross-Grip sports headbands in is a much harder proposition that you might think.   This is a decision that, if we get it wrong, can cost a lot of money and a lot of business.  So, a lot of research went into the decisions that led to our four current headband colors:  black, pink, neon green, and houndstooth.

Well, it's time for some new colors!  We've received many requests for "team" colors, so we've done a ton more research and are proud to announce that we are about to roll out these new hairband colors: navy, royal blue, and red. We've decided that these three colors provide the most bang for the buck ie. cover the most teams.  Then as we move forward, we'll add other popular team colors.  Also, we hope to do some fashion colors and prints in the not too distant future.

We'd love to hear your opinion on the new colors and of any suggestions for other colors, so please feel free to contact us at !


Steve Hines, CEO