Life in the internet age

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If I really stop to think about the internet, it blows my mind.  How do I email my missionary friend in Rwanda and they respond within seconds?  How do I search for a small specialty store in Ohio to see if they would be interested in a sports headband and immediately find their address, phone number, and profile?  If I want to find Ty Cobb's lifetime batting average(.367), it's at the touch of my fingers.

What about social media?  I can go on linkedin(if you are on it, feel free to link in with me!) and find unlimited valuable business connections in a brief search.  I'm not a huge facebook fan personally, but MaxFlowSports uses facebook to communicate with our friends and customers in a way that is immediate and useful.  As far as twitter, all I can say is "wow". I'm just getting the hang of twitter(we are @maxflowsports) but it is one of the coolest things ever.  Pinterest...the knowledge about pinterest is possessed by someone else in my company, but it's the same thing...immediately connecting with folks that otherwise you would never know existed and visa versa.  Then there's instagram, tumblr,etc.  All absolutely amazing to me.

Basically, our ability to leverage relationships has jumped 10,000%, and our ability to communicate has jumped untold amounts.  I don't EVER want to lose the personal phone call or visit, but there is no question...Al Gore was on to something when he created this monster.

Until next time,

Steve Hines, CEO of MaxFlowSports