Is it a "hairband" or a "headband"?

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I keep getting asked " why is the MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband a sports hairband and not a sports headband?"

Great question.  To me, a headband is a big Lebron James terrycloth absorbant sweaty kind of thing that is about 2 inches wide. Conversely, a hairband is exactly what the name implies...something that keeps your hair out of your face and eyes.  The "hairband" is not about absorbing sweat.  It's about keeping a sweaty part of your body(your hair) out of your face.  So the MaxFlow Cross-Grip sports HAIRBAND is about controlling sweat, but just doesn't officially absorb controls your hair. 

So after literally hours of discussions with my creative yang for my ying(my great wife, Leigh Ann) and lots of other folks, I decided that we really WERE a hairband and not a headband. But, if you want to call us a headband, I have no problem with it!  Actually, sports headband is a much more searched for term on the internet and I thought about calling our product a headband for that reason, but in reality and functionality, we are a hairband and thus remain a hairband.  Hope this helps!

Until next week,