I'm thankful for...

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It's hard to be thankful sometimes.  Not because I'm not thankful, but because I am way too busy, way too distracted, and have way too many things that cloud my life and my perspectives.  So, I thought I'd tell myself what I really am thankful for...so here goes:

God, salvation, my wife Leigh Ann, my kids Madeline and Max, my parents and the fact that they are still living, my "tier one" friends who would die for me, my other friends, Pastor Chris at Church of the Highlands, the fact that I have a place to sleep every night, good health, this company and the fun I have running it, my band The Onlys who I've played with since 1980, the internet(though sometimes it can be a curse), my country, the ability to run and exercise, nature, the TV remote control, lacrosse, Fox News, ESPN, Alabama football, my daughter's fiance who is a great young man, air conditioning, the ability to serve others(though my willingness lags behind my ability sometimes), email, cell phones, chocolate covered blueberries, wireless printers, wireless anything, living in a cul-de-sac, a speed limit higher than 55,  a real newspaper rather than online news, my 30 minutes of alone time playing the guitar every night, the beach, and my dog who has epilepsy.

There is alot more, but these are the things that came to mind initially.  Make sure you spend time really being thankful this week because these days, society demands that we think of ourselves more than anything else.