I want in.

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"Just do it" makes you think of what?  Nike, of course.  It is interesting to see how that tag line has become such a huge part of their corporate identity.  So when I started MaxFlowSports, I decided that I wanted a tag line that spoke to what our corporate identity is and what I wanted it to be.  I literally went through over 100 tag lines in trying to decide what best captured my vision for the company.  Finally, I decided that "I want in." exactly represented who we are, who we want to be, and who our athletes are. We want to be in the game all of the time.  We never want to be a spectator.  We want to have the competitive drive that leads to high levels of success.   And, "I want in." is becoming us.

Here's a story.  I coach Spain Park High School men's lacrosse team, and this past spring we played in the state championship.  We were up 16-5 with 3 minutes left in the game, and one of my seniors(who works his butt off all of the time like no other) had just come off the field and was literally collapsed from exhaustion on the bench. Since it was his last game in high school, I turned to him and asked if he wanted one more run.  Even thought we were up big, and even though he was exhausted, he immediately picked up his helmet and said, 'yes sir, Coach Hines'...and it was at that moment that I realized I had a real life example of what I mean by "I want in.".