Does this seem a little crazy to you? National Signing Day, I mean.

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Now that Beyonce and the Great Super Bowl Blackout are in the rear view mirror, let's talk about college football's National Signing Day.  You know, the day when 17 year old kids are treated like Elvis in his early days, like Tom Cruise after Risky Business, like...well, Beyonce after the Super Bowl.  I am a diehard college football fan(Roll Tide) and my team usually ends up on the very good end of this day, but I actually don't like any of it.  I remember when I was a kid and you found out who the new players on your favorite team were sometime in April when spring practice rolled around.  Now, it takes ESPN and The Wall Street Journal and Twitter and USA Today to give us up to the millisecond information on who is going where, who is playing mind games with which schools, and who can drag out the announcement in order to stay in the spotlight the longest. 

Not being too cynical, but it's all part of our uber-narcissistic society, created by our own devices. And these kids are all eating it up, while at the same time setting themselves up for a potential fall when they get to school and realize everybody else there is as good as them. 

But for today, they bask in being the center of the universe's attention. I bet even Beyonce is embarrassed by all the fuss.


Steve Hines, CEO