CrossFit Games

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If you haven't heard of CrossFit, you are one of the remaining few.  CrossFit is an exercise program that emphasizes aerobic activities, gymnastics, and weightlifting...and a few other random things.  The workouts are relatively short, but very intense.  The "WOD" (workout of the day) varies wildly each day, and may include things that you might have never done in your exercise life. Par of the allure of CF is the variations of each day's workouts.

This upcoming weekend, the CrossFit Games are on ESPN, and you really should  watch them if you get a chance.  A friend of ours, Talayna Fortunato, is one of the favorites to win the women's side of things.  A brother in Christ, Rich Froning, is two time defending champ and favored to win the men's side.  Hopefully, you'll see some MaxFlowSports Cross-Grip headbands on some of the competitors as well!

To give you an idea of the the very first CF games in 2007, the individual prize money for winning was $500.  Today it is $275,000.   In 2005, there were 13 CF gyms.  Today there are over 6,100, with that number growing daily. 

May not be your cup of tea to participate in, but I can promise it will be a lot of fun to watch these extreme athletes this weekend.  And who know, this may be an Olympic sport before long, with the way it's going.


Steve Hines, CEO