Beach or Mountains?

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I'm heading to the beach today for the 20th anniversary trip with four of my college buddies(and of course taking my MaxFlow Cross-Grip sports headband!), and I have to say that there is nothing quite like the beach- particularly the Florida Panhandle and the Alabama Gulf Coast, which are the world's whitest beaches.  There is just something that transcends majesty about the vastness and power of the water, the incredible living things beneath the surface, the white sand, the smells, the sunset...the list goes on and on.  I've probably been to the beach 150 times and it never gets old.

On the other hand, I just got back from the mountains surrounding Sedona, Ar. and I have to say that was as cool of an experience as I've ever had.  My son, my daughter's fiance, and I climbed Bell Rock which is the mountain you see in all of the John Wayne pictures.  I'm not sure how we survived cause we just kept going and going until we reached the top and then coming down, we easily could have met our destiny. It was crazy.   Climbing Devil's Bridge was another rush, and rafting the Grand Canyon's whitewaters was surreal.  Total different vibe than the beach, but in it's own way just as cool.

You may be a beach person, or you may be a mountain person, but either way being in God's great creation speaks absolutes to the fact that there is definitely a Creator.  There is no way around that fact.  It was reconfirmed for me recently in Arizona, and it will be reconfirmed again today when I'm standing in the surf of the Gulf of Mexico.

Until next time,