Are you uncomfortable?

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Funny how we take comfort for granted.  If you are healthy, you don't think a thing about it.  But if you get strep throat, you think about NOTHING else but how bad your throat hurts.

Same with sports apparel.  If your shoes feel good, then everything is cool.  If they are too small, then they dominate your thoughts the entire time you are running.  If you have a blister on your hand and are playing tennis, then you do everything you can to adjust your swing so your blister doesn't hurt.  If your socks are uncomfortable because they are too thin or too loose, then they bug you the entire game and break your concentration. 

When MaxFlowSports was born, our goal was to make stuff that NEVER caused the wearer to think about what they are wearing.  With our Cross-Grip hairband, we wanted it to be snug, secure, and never slip so that you never had to worry about your hair because you had the best sports headband on the market on.  With our Stay-Grip athletic crew socks, we wanted them to stay put, to be comfortable, and to be the best sock ever. 

And so far after much trial and error, I feel that we have accomplished that mission.  Thank you, Lord.