Another Satisfied Customer, courtesy of Andy Avedisian at Fleet Feet Birmingham

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At MaxFlowSports, we believe our sports headbands are superior to any other on the market today.  Our customer testimonies prove that to us.  From team sports to crossfitters to running-they deliver. 

We occasionally receive feedback directly from one of our retail partners.  Andy Avedisian, owner of Fleet Feet Birmingham, recently gave one of our hairbands to a customer who had another headband break(competitor brand). We appreciate Andy's great customer service and his sharing the MaxFlowSports Cross-Grip headband with his customers!  Below is the email from his store customer:



Good morning Andy!


I'm the customer that came in earlier this week with a broken XXXXXXX headband that you guys exchanged for me and gave me another brand of headband to try out. First of all, thank you for the great customer service! I've been telling my friends what a great experience I had and encouraging them to stop by your new store. Second, I really like the brand of headband you gave me to try. I don't have it with me... but it was the one on your cashier counter(MaxFlowSports). I wore it yesterday on a 10 mile run and this morning during a crosstraining class and it never slipped and held my hair out of my eyes during both workouts. It felt a little tight at first but then I either got used to it or it loosened up just enough to feel comfortable. The headband seems sturdy and it doesn't seem like it will break anytime soon. 

Thanks again, and I'll see you soon!

(name withheld)


Steve Hines, CEO of MaxFlowSports