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Finally, after 30 years of chugging it daily, I’ve kicked the Diet Coke habit.  It’s interesting that it’s made the national news lately, ha!,- not my personal accomplishment but that a ton of healthy-minded individuals have done the same.  I believe the exact percentage of the decline in diet drink consumption was 6.8% this year. Bravo America.  While I do feel better and I believe I‘ve lost a bit of weight(even though the scales read the same-down with scales!) , my bringing this up lets me segue into a concept that appears to be taking an upswing in our society.

The news daily bombards us with more info than we can process on health concerns and the current issues at hand with our health care.  It’s interesting how the world goes round.  When I was a kid, pop-tarts, cake mixes, snack pack pudding cups, and drive thru’s were the trends and were appreciated by the masses - masses of tired stay at home moms who wanted an easy way out.  They were sick of the pioneer living ways and were being pushed into the work force by the liberation movement - that’s a whole other blog day.  Whew!

Fast forward to December 10th, 2013. We care about our health more and we celebrate taking the time to do something the old fashioned way, like baking a cake with whole ingredients.  If we don’t have the time to do it ourselves, there’s a bakery around most corners that waves the wholesome natural flag, and we all jump on board.  Simplifying our lives is a priority and it’s that very concept that was crucial in the birth of our MaxFlowSports Cross-Grip® hairband.  

Steve, my husband and creator of the band, endlessly watched kids on the sports field struggling with their sweaty locks and hairbands that stretched and slipped throughout the whole practice or game.  We watch sports in our home on a daily basis and when SEC College Football is over, we start hunting down lacrosse games, volleyball matches, foreign soccer events, track meets, crossfit tournaments, women’s college softball, etc.  Steve noticed that almost every sport had headband wearers, and the girls in every sport now had quite long hair. We even saw that the guys in football and lacrosse and soccer had some serious length to their hair - I personally call it their “Bible Times hair”-and most wear it very well.  This drove Steve to create a headband that did things differently.

Anyone that wears a hairband and sweats enough to change the mass of locks on their head from dry and fabulous to soaked and matted knows the perils of having a hairband that doesn’t perform.  And truth is…the major brands of today just haven’t pegged the hairband yet.  We did it instead.  The journey has been a wild ride, one so wild that we needed to wear a MaxFlowSports hairband to keep our crazy lettuce in line.  (According to my son Max, lettuce is a term for the long flowing hair a guy has as he runs down the field.)  But there is no denying that our Cross-Grip® hairband does what it is supposed to do…stays in place and doesn’t easily stretch out. MaxFlowSports now offers colors that support the trends and we are proud to announce that teams will now be able to match their uniforms as we roll out our new team hairband colors in January of 2014. 

Our goal is to make every one of you out there in your sweaty sphere of influence have a better time because we have simplified your life in a small way.  While we can all still be thrilled that microwaves came along and that it is OK to use your awesome high efficiency dryer and not have to slave away hanging all your wet clothes on a clothes line run between trees (huge part of my childhood) , it’s nice to be a part of something so simple and know that it is on the heads of folks all over the country taking better care of themselves.  Good job friends, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

Leigh Ann Hines, V.P.