A Happier Thanksgiving

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2 for $5.  Organic “Imagine” Roasted Turkey Gravy.  Who would have thought that 2 small boxes of gravy would be the theme of my holiday for this wonderful week of Thanksgiving?  These boxes contain delicious, salty,  creamy gravy that means way more to me than it does to my grilled turkey.  These boxes mean I have simplified my life in a way that puts a zip in my step.  I made a conscious decision about 2 years ago that I would no longer “sweat the small, big, miserable, musty, etc. stuff”.  Now to reach this epic decision, I had to go thru some small, big, miserable, musty, etc. stuff but as I glance back, I praise the Lord for it!  Sometimes I get deeply disgusted with the era Steve and I grew up in during our 20’s and the way we allowed it to influence our lives.  The list ranges from our parenting choices, to incessantly decorating a big fat house, to focusing on things that had no eternal value, to staying too thin so my girlfriends would tell me I looked good, and it goes on and on.  Steve and I cherish that we enjoyed almost every moment (I don’t want to be a liar) of our kids’ childhoods.  The goofball side of me couldn’t get enough of riding Madeline and Max down huge hills in a plastic Little Tikes wagon or the monthly trips to the zoo to ride the same train and eat the same cup of dip-n-dots, all while secretly hoping the giraffe would spit at us again (it was insane!).  We parented in a time when the “every kid gets a trophy” syndrome was birthed, and our generation had the opportunity to embrace spoiling our kids with an excess of everything.  If one beanie baby was good, then 2000 was better.  

It seems as though the cycle of life has turned a bit and I’m thankful to watch from the sidelines now.  People appear to be scaling back - buying their kids a little less, maybe out of necessity of staying on budget-but it’s a great thing.  Couples are worrying less if their house is decorated perfectly or if their peanut-heads are in the preschool of champions. I don’t pretend to think I’m watching Little House On The Prairie outside my front window…there are too many Ipads lit up.  It just looks like things are slowing down a tad. 

My last thought on wishing you all good things in the coming Thanksgiving week is for you to embrace…SIMPLIFYING YOUR LIFE.  If it means buying boxed gravy, or making the decision early Thursday morning to take everything that comes your way and filter it thru a light spirit, or to thoroughly enjoy the faces around you that only pop up a couple of times a year even though you are so tired your arm hairs ache, JUST DO IT (btw…our hairbands are better than Nikes).   Everything will turn our beautifully and if it doesn’t, laugh it off.  Your memories will thank you.

Gobble, gobble.

Leigh Ann Hines